Upcoming Appearances:

Strand Book Store
Saturday, September 7th 2:00pm
Teaching a pop-up making class for kids

I will have a table at New York Comic Con:
October 10-13, 2013
@ the Javitz Center
Booth #1257

Susan Mills interviewed me recently for her podcast; Bookbinding Now.

Thanks to everyone who stopped by to see me at NY Comic Con. It was a blast.

If you picked up one of the origami models, video help is now posted on my friend, Paul's site.

Also, a good recap of the event, concluding with an interview of myself looking uncomfortable and sounding nasal here.

My latest titles are a little simpler and good for the younger crowd

buy it from amazon

buy it from amazon

Happy Holidays! I made this card for a law firm that my friend works at.

The hurricane knocked out my internet connection for a little while. A nearby cafe was nice enough to let me use their WiFi in the meantime. I painted this for them in return:

I have a window display up at Books of Wonder in Manhattan. Drop by and check it out. They also sell all my stuff there autographed. Unfortunately, these things never photograph well:

Happy Holidays, everyone. The Odyssey was featured on notable "mommy blog" Belissimakids.

Last weekend, I was an exhibitor at "The Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Festival."

The night before, I'd done an event in Oxford, Pennsylvania , and had not slept much. I'd slipped away momentarily to grab a quick lunch, but it wasn't sufficient. About half way through the event, I had a minor insulin reaction, and blacked out (on my feet).

As a diabetic kid taking injections, this used to happen to me quite a bit. As an adult with an insulin pump, much less often.

While I was fading in and out of consciousness, legendary book cover designer and author, Chip Kidd stopped by my table. He bought a copy of "The Odyssey", and complimented me on it. At this point, I was babbling incoherently, or maybe unable to form words at all. I signed his book, or just scribbled. I can't be sure. It was like the dream everyone has of being naked in school.

I spoke to at least a couple other people before I ate some chocolate and recovered. If I acted strangely, I apologize.

Other than that, the event was great. I had the chance to catch up with old comic book friends and acquaintances. Many visitors were very kind and supportive of my work. The experience was at once extremely flattering and humbling.

Becca Zerkin and I created a series of three pop-up greeting cards.

see them on youtube

If you want some, just let me know. If you're in NYC, you can also buy them at Desert Island in Brooklyn, April Glass in Queens, and Books of Wonder in Manhattan. In fact, Books Of Wonder carries all of my books, autographed.

My editor has informed me that the "The Odyssey" has gotten some nice attention from | The Kirkus Review | Publisher's Weekly | The Christian Science Monitor.

The fourth and final volume of my Pop-up-Comic-Literature series from Sterling just came out. It's about 2 years in the making.

buy it from amazon

Not to mention this pop-up chess set that I designed.



And check out this video of the book that I'm currently working on:

I wrote an essay of sorts, about my cutting machine; the Craft Robo Pro. It's on my extras page [here]. When I get a chance, maybe I'll write another one about my insulin pump. I don't have a car, so these are the two most important gadgets in my life.